What’s Next?

I like this question – for a number of reasons, and being a consultant there must be at least three!

  1.  It assumes that there IS a next thing.  So many companies are so focussed on the current situation that they can’t lift their view to the horizon.
  2. It makes you actually move on to the next thing – forward motion is necessary, sitting still is the way to become obsolete.  Perfecting the current situation is the enemy of progress.  Many times, moving forward is what is needed, not a continual polishing of the existing processes.
  3. This is President Bartlet’s routine question after he wraps up the previous meeting.  Yes, given the current world situation, I prefer to live in the fictional world of the West Wing for my politics.

As a result, in my own life, I also have to ask “What’s Next” on a regular basis.  At 61, I am moving towards retirement at some point in the next four to five years, but I know that I can definitely help quite a few companies in that time!

Thanks to Felicity Sullivan for the super photo posted on Medium along with her blog post of the same name. It is so true!