Twenty years of IT design, bridging the gap between management, users and developments – working with various methods to capture needs, requirements and issues – led to the development of TEaMS in 2004, a workshop and process modeling approach to quickly and effectively get from As-Is to To-Be!

TEaMS can be used for any sort of change required. It works by involving all the stakeholders and participants in a set of workshops designed to find and fulfill what is needed.

TEaMS is Teams Evolving and Making Solutions. We look at change as an evolutionary process – you have to start where you are today. But you will get where you are going if you use this or a similar process to create the changes needed.

The method we use allows us to envision the output required, define the future process, understand the inputs needed, select the right tools for the job and then – work with the team to get it done!

We have a very large assortment of tools to use in this work. Unlike the man for whom all problems look like a nail because the only tool he has is a hammer, we can address many different challenges with our toolkit.

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