Slowly but surely

Currently working with a client on improving warehouse effectiveness and increasing the efficiency of a recent SAP Business One implementation.  Feels great to be working in a warehousing and logistics environment after medical breaks over the last years.

I am strongly reminded of the fact that process is more about conteXt than conteNt.  The how and why is often far more important than the what and when of the AS-IS process, especially when looking to improve processes to create a more sensible workflow.  Many things are done “because” they are done that way, not because there is a present critical rationale for it.  When questioning about the “why” in three tiers  – in other words, asking the “why” question three successive times – you often uncover the fact that the process is not really critical any longer and can either be changed to be more efficient, or in some cases no longer done at all, simply discarded from the processing leaving a more streamlined approach.

Process design is the creative side of this – whereas process analysis is the critical thinking – both are needed to make an opptimum workflow, the TO-BE of the future.  Good fun!

Stay tuned to hear about our Warehouse Management System implementation.  We are going to make this a totally rocking warehouse!