Fix the Costs, Not the People

We don’t focus on “down-sizing”, we believe that our clients need to continue to service their existing client base and be positioned for future growth. We understand that you need to reduce your cost base, not your business! Our business growth coaching models help you to increase the top-line as well as the bottom-line, and improve profitability by reviewing in-depth your own tailored business processes and focussing on small achievable improvements in processes that are executed over and over again. Tiny changes executed thousands of times realise real savings. Most commonly-executed processes haven’t had a thorough review in the past six months, and a nuts-and-bolts walkthrough leading to detailed business modelling can identify the small changes that can mean large changes in your cost base.

In this environment, there is currently an extraordinary focus on cost-cutting as the way to profitability and many companies take the easy approach of reducing staff first; though cost reduction must form an element of any profitability improvement plan, we work with our clients to minimise the impact of change on existing employees and clients. We look for a balance between growth and cost reduction which maximises the opportunities for increased productivity positioning the company to achieve more business and revenue, and reducing or eliminating activities costing the business lost revenue opportunity. Simply said, we try to cut costs, not people.

We believe strongly that every employee wants to add to the success of her organisation and finding the best way to do that can often be found at the “coal-face”. Our TEaMS methodology lets your employees find their voice in helping your organisation to weather this economic climate and come out stronger, more resilient and with much better processes in place to service your current and future clients.

So that you have the capacity to scale up and take on more business!