Being effective from a distance

One of my challenges is that with limited mobility, my preference is not to have to travel to clients continuously.  I prefer to work from the dining room table on my iPad Pro or MacBook using 21st century technology to be in touch directly with the clients.  Email can be useful.  Skype has been around a long time but is still a very useful tool – but I have found GoToMeeting has become my best friend as the ability to share, brainstorm, drive another computer from a distance, all have made it much easier to seem like I am sitting next to someone when I am actually 2500 kilometres away.

However, my latest interest has been creating screen capture videos with Camtasia – it allows me to work through something in advance, create a professional looking video with everything included, and then enable clients to view it; when teamed with a presentation and a telephone conversation, and if it is about software, a practical exercise – you complete that old chestnut of “tell them, tell them again, then tell them again.”  But more importantly, you are providing more than one route to learning.

In addition to communication from a distance, huge advances have been made in being able to work collaboratively and share documents – making keeping everyone up-to-date so much easier than 5, 10 or 20 years ago, and connecting people across continents.

It is probably everyone’s dream to work from their garden – I haven’t quite managed that because background noise is an enemy to conference calls – however with today’s tools I am convinced it is possible to be just as effective from a distance in transforming a company as sitting next to them or across the table.