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We are niche boutique consultancy focussing on profitability improvement.   We have been in the consulting business since 2004 and how we serve our customers has changed over the years – which is why we are completely redesigning our web interface.  Moving away from static content and towards an interactive exchange with clients and thought influencers.

Most of our current clients are SME companies in the healthcare , software, technology or logistics arena; they are looking to change their business, either through entering a new geography or adding a new product or possibly streamlining their operations.   They may be looking for investors or looking for an exit or simply looking to grow their business.

What do you need us to do for you??

The SkyScape Solution strengths:

  • Analysing the needs of a company and finding the right solution to meet those needs, then driving the implementation of that solution, measuring its success and ensuring it works as expected.
  • Working as a TEaM with the existing management and staff and enabling the best use of their knowledge mixed with the expertise brought from SkyScape to create the TO-BE vision.
  • Using technology and keeping current with all the latest software, trends and devices enables the fullest range of choices for tools to use to make the business efficient and effective.


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