Brexit – arriving soon at Platform 9 3/4

With the coming impact of Brexit to my home of the Netherlands, I am working with companies to understand how it may effect them – no deal, soft Brexit, hard Brexit.  And as the days tick by, the likelihood of a “No Deal “increases.  The Dutch government has ramped up preparations and worked with the Dutch business community to increase awareness, including the Blue Brexit Monster campaign — companies are using the online tool to check their readiness in 7 areas.

Most of my clients are UK-based and their government is not keeping them as much in the loop – but the same 7 areas of readiness are application to them as well. SME’s will be disproportionately effected by Brexit.  The large multi-nationals will be able to adjust much more quickly to changes as they do a large share of their business ex-EU, but many SME’s have never sold outside the EU and once the customs barriers are in place, they will lack the experience, knowledge and resources to keep trading with countries that were never an issue.

If you have not done a readiness check, please let me know and I can link you to the English version of what our Dutch companies are have already done to prepare!